7 Weird Reasons Your Woman Tells You She’s On Her Period

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Weird Reasons Your Woman Tells You She’s On Her Period: Some men find it difficult to fathom why their women are always keen about telling them they are on their periods. Women on the other hand, however, have reasons why they want their man to know they are menstruating. Here are seven reasons why women tell their partners they are on their periods and why men find them as totally weird.

Weird Reasons Your Woman Tells You She’s On Her Period

She Wants To Be Able to Talk Freely About Her Time of the Month
The truth is a high number of men are not comfortable with talking about their women’s periods either with them or with someone else. If she’s up to telling you about her period, she most likely will hound you with the information till you fully accept her method of talking about it openly and you get over it hopefully.

She Enjoys The Humour That Comes With Talking About Her Menstruation
Even though you may find it odd, she knows that there will be some form of humour when she talks about it and she wants to bask in that euphoria. She knows that the more she talks about it with you, there’s a likelihood you both will laugh about her cramps and she’d find a better way to deal with any pain that comes along.

She Enjoys Talking About Something That Makes You Uncomfortable
Some women enjoy the look you give when she says something that makes you uncomfortable. As a matter of fact, some are social anarchists and enjoy the weirdness of talking about things that are seen as taboo.
Moreover, some derive pleasure in how uncomfortable you feel and the attention that will follow her revelation.

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It Will Help Her Bond With You
By discussing how her monthly flow works with you, she’s creating a strong bond that will be difficult to severe with you. When she discusses something that you find disgusting with you, you in time see it as normal and can empathize with the way she’s feeling during her periods.

She Can Learn More By Talking About Her Monthly Flow 
When she discusses her monthly flow with you, chances are you’d get to research and learn more about how the female anatomy and physiology works. You can get to know if her flow is normal or abnormal and if the cramps ate a little too serious than normal.

As a matter of fact, she sees you as a refuge and partner than can help determine if she’s normal. Some women have discovered they had poly-cystic ovarian syndrome by discussing about their flows with their partners who thought it abnormal.

Chances are a partner will notice excessive weight gain and hair growth on the face and body sooner than she herself will. By letting you in on how her monthly flow works, she expects you to be able to determine if she has any menstrual problems or not.

It Allows Her To Vent Her Frustrations
When the cramps come in full force and she’s acting up, there’s no better thing for her to do than to discuss how she’s feeling with you and hopefully vent her frustrations. And is there any woman who doesn’t want to vent her frustrations when the cramps are serious?

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She Wants You To Help Her Create Period Puns
This may perhaps be the weirdest reason yet but it is a cool way for her to let you in on all the secret words she uses to describe the time she’s on her period. As weird as it sounds, she wants to be able to tell you “she’s selling oil” or “her red flag is on” and you instantly grab the message that she’s menstruating.

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