7 Tips To Perfectly Enjoy A Lagos Owambe Party

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Lagos Owambe Party: Whether you’re planning on celebrating a wedding, birthday, anniversary or joyous moment, you definitely will want to invite people to celebrate with you. If you do get invited to an‘owambe’ party in Lagos, there’s a need for you to know what is expected of you so that you can have the best experience possible.

Lagos Owambe Party

Owambe’s are serious business in Lagos and you don’t want to be caught missing in action at such events. Dump your pride at home and follow these steps to experience the best at every single party.

Don’t Be Late

With African Timing ingrained into the DNA’s of a typical Nigerian, be rest assured the party will start late. It is however important you arrive early if you up to get a good seat from where you can take in everything that’s happening at the party. Don’t forget to go with a fully charged phone and perhaps a power bank, if you hope to capture photographs and still have your phones charged.

The Aso-ebi is Important

If you want to get special treatment at the party and leave the place with all the branded and unbranded souvenirs shared at the place, make sure you purchase the Aso-ebi which may be Ankara, or lace materials. Doing this guarantees the food to get to you first ahead of people not wearing the aso-ebi.

Get Some Clean Notes
You’d definitely want to indulge in the Nigerian culture of spraying money on the celebrants. If you can’t get clean Naira notes, don’t worry as there would be some women at the entrance to the hall who will change your dirty notes into clean ones for a fee. Get your money changed into any denomination you’re comfortable with and spend the much you can. The celebrants will appreciate you for this gesture and you can walk away with pride.

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Owambe’s Are About The Food

One of the reasons why people throng to owambe’s is that they want to eat a good ‘party meal’. You will hear a lot of people forming bosses say that “I can buy this food outside if I want” but the truth is there’s something special and different about the party meals which makes everyone long for it especially the party jollof rice.

Eat as much as is available and savour the moment because the party is mostly about Item 7.

Tip The Food Servers
If you find the food and drinks servers strolling past you, get the attention of one and give him a small tip. Your story at the party will have an immediate turn around and you’d get the best of food, drinks and wine available at the party. If you’re even lucky enough, you may get a packed meal and drinks to take home with you.

Set Your  Home Training Aside
While you may have been properly groomed and trained by your parents to be as subtle and dignified as possible, it is best you set aside your home training when you attend an owambe party. Call the attention of food servers if you’re not being served on time or you may just leave the party hungry.

When you finally get served, dig into the meal like it’s your last especially if you decided to order semo, pounded yam or any of the local delicacies requiring you to eat with your hands. Forget your home training and eat like it’s your last, everyone is probably busy with their food to take note of you anyways. If you are not satisfied with the first plate, order for an extra plate. Enjoy your meals and remember to dance your heart out when your favourite song comes on.

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Remember To Eat The Party Jollof

No matter your choice of food, never pass off an opportunity to have a taste of jollof rice at the party. Nothing feels better than eating party jollof rice which has its own unique flavour and taste and you definitely don’t want to miss that for anything in the world.

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