7 Things We Think You’re Thinking When You’re On Top

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When You’re On Top: The cowgirl position is one every woman loves because it makes them feel vulnerable and powerful at the same time. It is also an incredibly sexy position that gives both the man and woman a clear view of the the intensity of the moment as they can view each other’s facial expressions. We’ve heard a lot about what goes on through a woman’s mind when she’s on top and we’d like the women to know the things that we actually think is going on in their heads.

When You’re On Top

She Wants To Put Her Bra Back On

While we have little or no care how you are at that moment, we definitely want to have access to your boobs especially when they get in the bounce mode when you’re riding us. We think the slapping of your boobs on your chest will hurt you a bit and you’d want to put your bra back on to stop the bounce.

We’d do anything to prevent you putting that bra back on and instead make use of our hands. But we definitely think you’re thinking of that.

She Sees The Position As A Workout Session

While we love the show taking place in front of us, we think you’re thinking this is an incredible workout session for you since your muscles are performing incredible movements when you’re in the cowgirl position. We think you’d appreciate it if the position makes you fitter than you already are.

You Find Our Sex Face Amusing

We know you are enjoying the ride but we feel you’re amused with the kind of sex face we put up as you ride every inch of us. While you may think our face adorable, we find it pretty embarrassing especially when the situation becomes intense when we are about to bust. We think you find it hilarious but we hope you don’t bring it up.

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You’re Tired And You Want A Change Of Positions

We can feel you’re thinking you want to change positions when you pause between the quick jerks no and riding moments. Problem is we know when you ask for a change of position and we oblige, there’s no going back as all you want is to lie in the lazy girl sex position.

You’re Wondering Where Your Hands Should Go

Why we know there are so many places your hands can go, we can see the confusion as to where you want them to go. The obvious options are the bed, our chest and holding our heads down but we know you’re thinking of it when you try out each single one.

Cramps Are Setting In

With the various sex position we’ve tried out, we know you’re thinking you don’t want to stay long in the cowgirl position because cramps would soon set in. Between the weird angles in which your legs go and bending you to breaking point, cramps in your hips or butt will set in when we switch to cowgirl and you’re thinking of how to make it comfortable despite the fact that you’re enjoying the moment.

You’re Scared You’d Fart

While we are also thinking what it would be like if you fart while you’re on top, we know you’re also thinking of this especially if you are something in towards before we started having sex. We don’t mind really except it smells awfully and it’s best not to be worried about that.

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