7 Kinds Of Sex Every Couple Should Totally Have

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Kinds Of Sex: When you have been a  couple for a while, it is not surprising to find that you will begin to do the same things the same ways every day in the bedroom. Getting comfortable with a person is fine, but never get too comfortable that you never try new things. So, if you need a way to spice things up, consider trying these kinds of sex below.

Kinds Of Sex

Morning Sex:

Having sex as soon as you wake in the morning can be very erotic. Why? It is intimate and helps you bond as a couple. It is also the perfect way to begin your day on an awesome note, regardless of how things were when you want to bed the previous night.

Public Sex:

No, don’t get crazy on the side of the street. Just the thrill of knowing you might get caught will do. Go for a semi-public place like a restaurant restroom, a dark cinema, a quiet stairwell or in a car in a parking lot. You do not actually need to be seen, but the fact that you could can be exciting, amping up the pleasure.

In The Dark

This is a favourite for a lot of women, especially those that feel self-conscious. Sex in the dark makes you feel a lot less inhibited. You feel free and you become more confident because you do not have to worry about how you look. That feeling can make sex so much hotter.


Quickies make you feel young, desired and sexy, all of which are the perfect ingredient for amazing sex. The heat of knowing you need to get as much pleasure in the little time you have can be amazing. Quickies do not have to be a daily thing, but it is definitely needed to keep things smoking.

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Wild Sex

Are you the kind to always be gentle and polite in the bedroom? There is nothing wrong with that, but every once in a while, you might consider getting rough. There is so much about sex that needs to be explored so playing it safe every time will not serve you. Get naughty, get crazy and have the kind of sex that will leave your heart racing for hours to come.

Roleplay Sex

Have some fun pretending to be someone else in the bedroom. There are a lot of roleplay games a couple can play. The most common are usually doctor/nurse, doctor/patient, teacher/student, boss/employee, landlord/tenant etc. If you are just starting out, you do not need to dress the part for it to work. Simply talking and acting can go a long way. Give it a try and you will soon be so in love that you would want to keep doing it.

Quiet Sex

Remember when you were younger and had to get freaky but had to stay quiet because you do not want to draw attention? Remember that heat and urgency you felt? You can still feel that way with your partner. Even though you do not have a reason to be, have an agreement that you are both supposed to stay quiet during sex. No matter how excited either of you get, you should try to keep it in and let the only sound be your breaths and bodies moving. This can be really erotic and fun.

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