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There are many iPhone locator app available in market these days which are used by individuals or by businesses. These apps allow the tracking of messages, call records, locations and much more. So here in this article we will describe top seven iPhone locator apps that businesses prefer. One thing to be noted here is that some apps listed below have features which causes more invasion to privacy than needed and can be installed only when iPhones are provided by company to its employees for business purposes.

iphone locator Apps

1. mSpy

mSpy app is definitely one of the best iPhone locator app for business as well as for individuals. This app can easily spy on the messaging apps like Whatsapp, facebook messenger and additionally check out the call records, SMS for you. The app requires jailbreak to access all of its functionalities and has a very good customer support. The app has been downloaded more than million times and stands out due to various features it offers and a low cost price. The app can be used when the phones are provided by company to its employees.

2. FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy app is another app which can track your iPhone and provide the details of call, messages, chat and location. The added advantage of this app for business is that if you buy this app, you can also administer non iOS phones like blackberry or Nokia.

3. VeriClock for iPhone

VeriClock is one of the best corporate solution where employees can be tracked and reports can be generated to check the presence of an employee in real-time. This eliminates the need of traditional timesheets and thus is a very good professional solution iphone locator.

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4. Hubstaff

Here is another solution for business in term of time and location tracking. With GPS enabled technology the Hubstaff makes it easier for managers to keep track of their employees and time in and outs.

5. GPSWOX Mobile Client

GPSWOX is one more app which makes use of GPS to provide accurate information about the users and their whereabouts. The app is easily available in app stores and is a recommended app for iPhone tacking.

6. Spybubble

Spybubble is a tracking app that lets you locate your iPhone easily in case it gets lost or stolen. The striking feature about this app is that it is not easy for an unauthorized person to uninstall the app and thus you can track the location of your phone anytime on map. The app has other features like call listening, access to SMS, chats and so on.

7. MobileSPy

MobileSpy app once installed allows you to locate your iPhone and know its last location. You can view the location history and even lock the phone using this app.

While most of the apps mentioned above have features which extend beyond just tracking location of the iPhone, there are some which is designed for specific purpose in place. As the businesses are moving more and more away from traditional methods, tracking the attendance and daily time sheets have become an overhead for companies. When your employees work at distributed location, it is just not possible to have an attendance register or punch-in machines located everywhere. In such scenarios, these apps can be useful where employees can send the proof of their presence at a business location. Moreover, if company provides its employees with phones for business purposes, these apps have multiple other features which can be used in different ways by companies to deal with compliance issues.

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