6 Ways Water Can Help Your S3x Life

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Ever heard the saying ‘water is life? That saying isn’t farfetched; imagine the universe without water, how would anyone survive even for a day?6 Ways Water Can Help Your S3x Life

Even your s3x life would suffer as well if you don’t drink adequate water. Doctors’ advice we drink at least six to eight glasses of water daily, and it also have huge benefits on our s3x life.

6 reasons adequate water would help improve your s3x life

Better libido: “To have a healthy s3x life, your cells need more water to function, your s3xual organ also needs an increase in blood flow, and this can be aided by water, and dehydration can as well weaken your s3xual hormones; with adequate water, you get healthier cells that would help circulate oxygen around parts of your body”.

Help for better orgasm especially in women: “Lack of adequate water can lead to vag!nal dryness in women, fatigue, irritability and even headaches prompting your s3xual life to suffer and killing every desire for s3x but being sufficiently hydrated can help your s3xual response and boost your orgasm even.

Better muscles: “You know how s3x can be exhausting sometimes, but this is where water comes into place, muscles have a high proportion of water, so adequate drinking of water can help lower muscle fatigue and repair muscle tissues and with this your recovery time would be better”.

Better skin: “With water, the skin is better moisturized, leaving it smooth and supple to touch; water makes the skin and lips more succulent, and this would lead to better foreplay, and as you know, better foreplay means better orgasm”.

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Flexibility: “You all know how flexibility makes for better sex, and water is the best ingredient in achieving better flexibility, the main ingredients in your tendons and ligaments are water”.

“Water also regulates body temperature, improves blood flow and erectile dysfunction, and elevates energy level; don’t wait till you get too thirsty before drinking water; also, the least amount of water you’re supposed to drink varies from person to person depending on the amount of physical activities”.


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