6 Internet Statistics To Know In 2020

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It is impossible to think of our lives without the internet today. From homes to the marketplace, the internet is now playing a significant role. You must be keen to know the facts about the internet but looking for a suitable way to go through the details. Millions of internet users are present across the globe, and thus statistics is the only way to know the complete picture. Internet advisor can give you an in-depth idea of how the internet has grown over the years and where it stands today in a multitude of areas. The year 2020 has seen numerous developments in this area. Let us look at what has happened and what the internet statistics tell us. 

Internet Usage by the people

The first internet usage statistics you must know is how many people use the internet. There were over 4.33 billion internet users in the third quarter of 2019, which was a 327 million increase compared to the 2018 figures. The increase in active internet users across the globe is eight times faster than the overall population growth. 

More than half the population across the globe is active internet users as there are varieties of things to do online, so it is essential to understand usage statistics as well as how users spend their time while indulging in online activities. The most common thing people do is watch videos, and four out of five internet users browse the videos online. 70% of it involves music streaming, followed by listening to online tutorials, watching vlogs, and listening to podcasts. 

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Internet Access to the World

The Internet was made available to the public in the year 1991. Every day, internet users increased over the span of 28 years, and now 361 million people have access to the internet. Nearly six out of ten people have internet access according to the stats of 2019.  The majority of internet users belong to the largest continent, i.e., Asia. About 56 percent of the total active internet users belong to Asia. 

Europe is the second largest with 651 million internet users, and Africa comes in third place. Africa and Western Sahara regions are the fastest-growing internet population as per the statistics of December 2019 despite.

Mobile Internet Users Worldwide

With the invention of smartphones, mobile internet users are also increasing worldwide. As of now, there are 3.9 billion mobile internet users all over the world, representing 51 percent of the population across the globe as per 2019 statistics—three-quarters of mobile phone users out of 5.1 billion access the internet through mobile phones accounting to 50.6% of the traffic.

Mobile internet users will continue to flourish in the coming years because the speed of mobile internet connections is increasing day by day. 

The Average Time Person Spend on Internet 

Today everything is online, and thus you can do numerous things using the internet. The average internet users spends a minimum of 6 hours and 30 minutes each day.  As per the latest figure, 84 percent of internet users do online searches, and 91 percent of users visit online stores, and 77 percent do online purchasing. Apart from browsing and online shopping, a large number of people spend their time on social media. Globally, an e-commerce shopper spends US$500 on online purchasing every year, although the statistics vary country wise. 

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Total Websites Available 

In August 1991, the first website was launched by the creator of World Wide Web Tim Berners-Lee. Today we have millions of websites that keep adding every day. Currently, there are approximately 1.7 billion websites and more to come. US Company GoDaddy leads the race and is registrar to most websites. The venture has more than 1.5 million registered domains holding a web hosting market share of 17.31 percent, followed by a united layer of market share 8.61 percent and AWS Web hosting of 7.38 percent.

Games are the Big Part 

Users of the age group, 16 to 64 across the globe, spend time playing video games making it a massive 3.5 billion people in the entire gaming community. The maximum gamers use their smartphones accounting to over 69% of the internet users while 25% internet users play games on their gaming consoles. We can expect this percentage to grow in coming years and the internet users will dramatically increase.


There are advantages of learning about the internet as it can benefit you in every field.  Many things are happening in our day to day lives, and the internet allows you to know about these events without any effort. The statistics are showing that there will be ever-increasing demand of the internet.

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