5 Ways To Turn Her On With Just Your Hands

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Ways To Turn Her On: Your hands can be a powerful weapon when it comes to driving your woman crazy. Knowing where to touch and how to touch her can make for an amazing experience for your partner. Check out useful tips below.

Turn Her On


An aroused lady is a relaxed lady. If you want to excite her while also making orgasm more likely, start with relaxing her. Take your time getting to know her body. Run your hands over her skin gently and tenderly. When you move to foreplay after this, you are already almost to the point of getting her really turned on.

Tease her

Knowing what parts of her body to put your hands on can heighten her pleasure. Multiply her arousal by touching her erogenous zones while you are together. Even if she has clothes on, target some spots like her nipples and her inner thighs which will still have a level of sensitivity despite being covered.

Use your fingers

Take the time and give your woman a treat. A fingering session can be very arousing and orgasm inducing if you know where to touch. Most men just spend a few seconds with their fingers in her, assuming it is a needless foreplay move but this is a bad idea. Dedicate your time to her. Spread her legs and explore her with your hand. There are so many great ways to do this. You can settle comfortably between her legs and using one hand, find her clitoris and tease it gently. While doing this, you can use the other hand to finger her in a penetrating motion. Soon, you will have her quivering and squirming in orgasmic bliss.


Her nipples

If you are the type to instantly cover her nipples with your mouth as soon as she takes off her clothes, you are missing out on a huge way to pleasure her. Use your fingers to gently tease her breasts, slowly making your way towards her nipples. Using your index finger and thumb, gently tease and roll them around in your hand. You can also slide around the nipples with your nails and some women even love a little pinch. The nipple is extremely sensitive and there are a lot you can do with them using just your hands.

Public teasing

Expert lovers know that the bedroom is not the only place to turn on your woman. You can have your woman completely aroused in public if you know how to touch her. An arm around her waist and a simple caress on her body using your fingers can be exciting. If you can, run your hand down her spine or even slide your hand surreptitiously on her bottom. You will leave her anticipating what would happen as soon as you are both alone. Besides, these will make her think about sex with you, causing her to turn herself on in her head long before you get together.

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