Flatten Your Belly: 5 Ways to Beat Post-Holiday Stomach Bloat

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Ready to crush post-holidays stomach bloat like a WWE champ? Us too. Read on for five easy ways to get your belly slimmer and trimmer. Now, pass the carrots and repeat after us: “2016 will be my healthiest, happiest year yet!”

5 Ways to Beat Post-Holiday Stomach Bloat

1. Kick your day off with some fiber

Stomach Bloat


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No, that doesn’t mean you’re gonna have to munch like a rabbit on carrots for breakfast. To save your body from a wee too much #OverIndulgence, you can still enjoy a heaping bowl of cereal. Instead of reaching for one high in sugar, jumpstart your day with a choice like Uncle Sam Orignal, which helps keeps things moving along in your system.

2. Slip in some good bacteria

Stomach Bloat


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Mmmmm. Nothing like a spoonful of bacteria! It’s not what it sounds like: So-called “healthy” bacteria found in probiotic-rich food work to support a smoothly-running digestive system and help keep bacteria balanced in your gut, according to WebMD. You can even indulge a little with an Attune Probiotic Dark Chocolate Bar.

3.  Drink some tea

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So maybe you went a little overboard at the pigs-in-a-blanket station. Or maybe you knocked back one too many midnight toasts of champagne. Hey, it’s OK. Drink tea with your meal the next day or even before bed (just make sure it’s decaf so you don’t stay wired), and put this calming, soothing remedy hiding in your cupboard to use. Sipping on tea like Bigelow Lemon Tea can help settle your stomach and make you feel less bloated, according to Eat This, Not That. We’ll raise our mugs to that one!

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4. Load up on potassium

Bikram yoga junkies swear by it. The meat heads at your gym seem to be holding on to it more often these days than Gatorade. You’ll be crying tears of coconut water in happiness once you start chugging this wholesome, restorative beverage. Why? Just in case you had a little too much salt, loading up on potassium-rich foods and drinks like coconut water or bananas aids your body in flushing out excess sodium, per PopSugar. Hello, raw, organic Harmless Harvest Coconut Water. Bye bye, bloat.

5. Start making some simple food swaps

Now that you’ve slashed your salt intake and worked on that whole adding more fiber into your diet thing, seek out healthier choices you can slip into your day. Your BFF pasta is probably a good place to start. Switch out the regular pasta you’re saucing and tossing for a better-for-you choice like Jovial’s Einkorn Pasta. Einkorn is the only wheat that has never been hybridized (bred with other varieties) and offers roughly 30% more protein than modern wheat and more protein than any other grain, while still boasting 15% less starch, meaning less carbs collecting in your belly. Happily, the spike in protein will also leave you more satiated and less stomach bloat. Sign us up!

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