5 Technical Skills You Need To Become a Blockchain Developer

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There is no doubt that blockchain is a powerful technology that is changing how things are done across the world. Note that it is not just money (digital currency) solutions that blockchain can offer, the blockchain technology can solve many other problems.

Blockchain Developer

While many would want just to remain consumers of the blockchain products, others want to be part of the technology, and therefore you need some technical skills to do this. In this article, we shall look at the top five technical skills you need to become a blockchain developer.

The blockchain basics

Before you think of developing an app on this platform, you first need to have a deep understanding of the blockchain fundamental. Among the things to learn are the terms used, the key features of the technology, how these features help improve human trust in mathematics and so on.

You also need to learn about blockchain networks, cryptocurrencies, wallets, smart contracts, distributed applications and other things found on this technology.

Understanding of these things is essential as it will help you understand or identify any gap that needs to be filled or an app that needs to be improved to provide solutions for the consumers of the blockchain products.

Blockchain cryptography

Apart from the basics of the blockchain, you will also need strong knowledge on the transformations that the technology has undergone. This knowledge is essential as it will enable you to understand where the technology has come from, where it is and also know where it is headed.

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Among the things, you need to pay close attention to include the development of the private and public keys, the digital signature, proof of work (PoW), proof of stake (PoS) and all the encryptions of the system.

The wallets

As a developer, it is upon you to learn to build trustworthy wallets for the cryptocurrencies. Each wallet should have a unique API that can be used in the identification of the wallet. Also, you need to understand how to transact using the wallets when carrying out exchanges.

Cryptocurrency mining

As a blockchain engineer, you must have a deep understanding of how the coins are mined. Among the things, you must have a concrete grasp include core mining, the various mining software, mining pools as well as the mining hardware. Knowing these by name is not enough, you must understand the functionality of each component as well.

Smart contracts

Any good blockchain engineer must be familiar with the smart contracts, a product of the blockchain technology. You have to learn how to upgrade contracts, testing them as well as their security. Learning how to build a smart contract is also a skill that every blockchain developer should have.


Learning solidity is a must for anyone wishing to build smart contracts. This is because solidity is the language that is required to implement smart contracts on the Ethereum network, which is the largest smart contract platform in the market. You must have proper knowledge in this, including various contracts that have already been developed, functions, data types, variables and many others.

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