5 Signs She’s About To Cheat On You

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Cheat On You: First off, this article is not to cast aspersions on women as a large number of women don’t cheat especially those that are in happy relationships. When a woman is really into you, they would give their all from the get go. Women are wired to be faithful the same way they enjoy cuddling and buying shoes.

Cheat On You

Unfortunately however, some women chat. As a matter of fact, a lot of women cheat. It is estimated that about 30 percent of women cheat through extramarital intercourse and the incidence rate is much higher for single women.

When a woman is about to cheat, there are specific times she will and particular situations that will make her do so. It is important that you pay attention to certain things because no matter how sure you are that your woman won’t cheat, the urge to do so may come up once in a while.

She’s About To Turn 25 or 30

When your woman is about to turn 25, 30 or 35 that’s the time that she wants to take stock of her life and ask her what she’s been up to for the last half a decade. She will critically analyse her life and the direction it is taking and if she’s not satisfied, she’d do all she can to correct it.

A survey conducted by reports that cheating incidents triple during the birthdays of women in unhappy relationships. Three nights you don’t want to go missing from your woman’s bed are her birthday, valentines night and new years eve because not being available means you’re giving her permission to cheat. There’s no better gift that she wants more than birthday sex and you should make yourself available for that.

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She Just Got Promoted

Women love to set goals and when they reach the reach a milestone, they tend to ask themselves what’s next. The next challenge could be a big part of her life such as her relationship which she will then be motivated to get on the right track.

Furthermore, a study conducted at the University of Washington study found that people who earned $75,000 or more per year were 1.5 times more likely to have had extramarital sex than those earning less than $30,000 which means women that earn higher are more likely to cheat.

To get yourself out of a logjam like this, celebrate your girlfriend’s accomplishments. When she sees you appreciate her, she will feel as valued as she is at work and will most probably not look for emotions elsewhere.

She’s About To Move Into Your Apartment

She may have suggested it but the fact that you and her about to share details of your life 24/7 makes the need to keep the conversation flowing much stronger. In time, she may feel you find her boring and if she finds somebody around who shows her he finds are intriguing and attractive, she may go for him.

More so, a lot of women want marriage and children and if you appear to be holding back either of these, she may be tempted to move for someone else who she can be committed enough to give her both. As such, it’s best you make it clear to her where she stands. Talk about the future and specifically, her in your future.

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She Thinks You’ve Cheated

It is common for women to want to have revenge affairs. Most do this as a way of restoring their self-esteem and to feel wanted and desired again. Women have them in an attempt to restore self-esteem and feel desirable again. She probably won’t go on the lookout for a hook up but when she faces the temptation, the knowledge that you once cheated will weaken her self-control.

If you’ve cheated before or presently cheating, confess and apologize. There’s a higher chance of being forgiven when you show remorse for your actions.

She’s Not Sexually Satisfied

The Oxytocin hormone plays a central role in how humans bond and there is usually a spike in oxytocin levels before orgasm. Oxytocin is much more intense in females than males and it helps the former develop a stronger sense of bonding through sex.

If you’re not having as much sex as you used to with your spouse, there’s a chance that she will interpret your action as a sign that you don’t find her attractive and that you don’t love her. A boring sex life could mean there are some unresolved problems between you and your partner.

The thing to do is to have more sex. If you find out she’s not willing to, find out the reason why and fix it.

She Wants To Leave

Another reason she may cheat on you is that she wants to leave you. Infidelity is one thing a lot of men find difficult to forgive and she might do it on purpose to cause you to break up with her.

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Research conducted at the University of Texas at Austin found that 80 percent of a 100 men and women polled said that the tactic they will use to get out of a bad relationship is to start an affair.

If this is the case, just let her go.

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