5 Most Popular Biker Rings in 2018

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As a biker looking to get your mojo up with the shiniest, trendy biker ring that shows your style, you are often spoilt for choice. There are several biker rings available for sale in biker shops and online stores. Each is made in its own unique style with different materials used. In this article, we’ll run through the most popular biker rings in 2018.

Biker Rings

The Joker Clown Ring

The Joker Clown ring is made from high quality 100% sterling silver. Displayed on the ring are two clown faces that are intricately designed and cut. At the edge of the two faces are some stars to complete the attractive design. Inside the band of the ring, you get a stamp .025 trademark along with other designs. The joker clown ring weighs about 22 grams, and it measures 33mm by 25mm. This ring is sold by Bikerringshop who promises that the ring is made from solid 925 sterling silver. They offer a full refund of your money if you discover otherwise. This is a solid guarantee from a top biker jewelry shop so, you won’t be swindled of your hard-earned cash.

The Dragon Claw and Axe Big Red Garnet Stone 925 Sterling Silver Ring

Show off the royalty in you with this Dragon Claw and axe ring. Made with 100% solid sterling silver, this ring comes with a large red garnet stone that weighs about 35 ct. The ring has a size of 15mm by 20mm, and it weighs 26 grams. Of course, seeing as it is from Bikerringshop, you get a full refund if you discover that the ring is not 100% sterling silver. Not all biker rings come with a mighty, weighty stone like this. Stand out from other bikers and show off your royalty. You deserve it!

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The Mechanical Silver Biker Ring    

The mechanical silver biker ring is inspired by the mechanical world as the name implies. On the ring, you’ll find two meshed gears along with other gear-like designs. The designs stand out on the 100% sterling silver used to make the biker ring. Inside the ring band, you have a 925 inscription to show its authenticity as a ring made with solid 925 sterling silver. The ring measures 20mm by 23 mm and weighs about 20 grams. If you’ve always been interested in mechanical engineering, then this ring is for you.  

The Genuine Turquoise Eagle Men’s Ring

Want something unique, and cooler than the usual biker’s ring? Get the genuine turquoise eagle men’s ring. Designed to have a gentle and friendly exterior, this ring shows off the calmer side in you. The blue turquoise is on the main face while the eagle is on the side. Turquoise represents sophistication and good luck while the eagle represents courage and strength. The blend of turquoise with the eagle was carefully selected to make this ring. This is no ordinary biker ring. This is different. This is for unique men. Of course, the main material used to make the ring is 100% sterling silver that has been polished to make it shine. Inside the band of the genuine turquoise eagle men’s ring, there is a 925 inscription that shows how quality the ring is.

The Emerald Pirate Skull Biker Ring

The emerald green crown pirate skull biker ring has an elaborate design. You get a skull wearing a pirate’s eye patch on the main exterior. The eye patch is patterned with emerald to make the ring look more sophisticated. This is not your usual pirate skull ring. This is one of a kind. Show off your sophistication with this ring. The ring is made from 100% sterling silver. It measures 7/8″ x 1 2/8″ inches, and it weighs 32 grams. The ring has been polished to make it shine, and the emerald green on it sparkles. Inside the band of the ring, there is a 925 trademark that reflects its quality.   

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There are several biker rings made in 2018, but these are the most popular ones. These rings stand out from others with unique features that make them the most in-demand rings. Get these rings and show that you are one helluva guy who knows his rings and keeps up with them. Update your biker ring collection and don’t be left out.

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