5 Male Habits That all Women Hate

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Any man over 14 years old knows: girls are very mysterious creatures who do not live by the generally accepted principles of logic, but by some unknown laws of the Universe. They make strange decisions in totally banal situations, they take any event through the prism of their emotions, they suspect every man that he is a real bastard. Men are so annoying with all this stuff that without a discussion of women’s oddities no men’s party or meeting with friends at the bar takes place. But the medal always has two sides. It turns out that women also hate something in men. Today we will talk about what women hate about men, that easily breaks out of balance of all the fair sex, regardless of age and social status. If you’re reading this and you’re a man, get ready to be angry for a long time.

Male Habits

The Habit of Playing Video Games

You did not pay attention to the new sexy underwear of your girlfriend because at that moment you figured out who is the coolest player in Battlefield? She will not forgive you this. And even if to you personally she does not say anything, but only looks contemptuously at the monitor of your computer, she will necessarily discuss this situation with her friends who have the same infantile boyfriends as you. This is what women hate about men more than anything else. But we know something with you…You cannot break with this habit, right? We can only pity poor girls.

The Habit of Putting on Dirty Clothes Directly From the Laundry Basket

Smell. Here is the only criterion by which you can determine whether it is possible to put on this t-shirt one more time or it still needs to be washed. At least, this is the only criterion for UA Girls. But they are specialists in this, so it makes sense to listen to them. Remember a simple rule: any clothes in which you strongly sweated should be washed. And only then it can be put on again and you can sweat again. Nobody forbids us it because every girl knows: if a man did not sweat at least once a day, it was not a good day.

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Self-Admiration in Front of the Mirror

Almost any girl will confirm that the most ridiculous and pathetic picture in the world is a man who stands in front of a mirror and admires his trained body. Not furtively in your bathroom for two minutes, no. Many men do this in public places. For example, in the gym. Some experience an erection with this. Yes, this is a terrible detail, but we had to mention it. If you are one of these “men”, know: this pathetic spectacle replaces all your merits, for which you can be respected. We mean those incredible efforts that you made to become a happy owner of an ideal figure. This is what girls hate about men very much.

The Habit of Sprinkling Cologne on Dirty Clothes

Women really hate it in men. It’s even worse than just wearing dirty clothes. There is nothing worse than working diligently on the training apparatus and suffocating from the Acqua Di Gio. Excess cologne is the opposite of the smell of sweat, but no less terrible. A real macho always finds a middle ground between these two extremes. If you are having this problem, take your favorite dirty sock, spray on it with your favorite cologne and carry it in your pocket all day, periodically inhaling this unique smell. Then you will understand what is a trip with you in one car for your girlfriend, when you are too lazy to change clothes after training in the gym, but without cologne you do not appear in the society.

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The Habit of Putting Food on the Chest

This is the limit of laziness. Using your body as a plate while watching TV – it’s not multitasking at all. You should respect, at least, your food so that you put it on a real plate. Sit down, dude. This, of course, is creative, but no woman wants to watch her man pick his hair from his chest from his teeth. Girls hate it in men and they are right.

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