5 Fashion Tips For Every Modern Man

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Everybody wants to look good and we know you want to look good and need to look good too so we have sourced for 5 fashion tips every modern man should know.

5 Fashion Tips

Underwear: “Simple underwear rocks, you would definitely do yourself good if you avoid the cartoon boxers so keep them simple and classic and your woman would love it”.

Shirts: “Avoid oversized shirts as work shirts, large collars shorten your neck; a white shirt is a must-have, it works with anything and will always look sharp; the cuffs of your shirt should protrude half an inch past the sleeve of a jacket so if you decide not to tuck your shirt, ensure the shirt ends no lower than just above the bottom of the crotch”.

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Jeans: “Every guy has a pair of jeans right but dark blue denim is always the best bet because a pair of dark blue jeans covers every occasion, smart or casual, work or weekend and also remember dark slim leg jeans are modern and flattering on all leg lengths”.

Suits: “One or two button suits are more timeless if you plan to pick up a suit compared to 3 buttons, wear black shoes with a black suit and brown shoes with blue or grey suits. Single breasted suits are the best for men of all shapes, sizes and heights”.

Trousers: “Don’t ruin the shape of your trousers with bulky stuff like keys, your trousers need to break slightly over the instep of the shoe and also know that trousers with cuffs will visually shorten your legs, therefore trousers without cuffs will make your leg look longer.

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