4 Little Mistakes That Can Make Love Turn Sour

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Love is beautiful when you are in love with the right person and when it is well maintained; but there are certain acts can make a sweet love turn sour without notice, and this is why the love is short-lived in most relationships.4 Little Mistakes

“A lot of things couples do can make their love turn sour, and these are some of them”:

Being too critical: “If couples can learn to be a bit more tolerant and less critical, the love would be beautiful but couples are too critical of each other and this can lead to other negatives like grudges and keeping scores”.

Right or wrong: “Another battle that goes on in many relationships is the battle for who’s right and who’s wrong and this can really kill the love between couples; couples need to learn that they are a team and not fight for who’s right or wrong; this could create unnecessary competition and can make the love turn sour”.

Selfishness: “Selfishness is a major cause of love that turns sour; when partners think more of themselves and less of the relationship, the love would definitely turn sour; thinking of yourself first would lead you to make so many bad mistakes that would ruin your relationship”.

Avoiding the simple things: ” A lot of couples see the simple things as unnecessary and irrelevant but the simple things are what matters the most so say sorry when you’re wrong, compliment your partner, say “thank you” and appreciate your partner; these simple things make the relationship better and a lack of it would make the love turn sour”.

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Seek control: “Why do couples try to seek control in a relationship?seeking control is a quick and easy way to ruin your relationship and this could create rivalry between you and your partner and make the love turn sour”.

Avoiding intimate moments: “Dates, togetherness, romantic and fun moments would add thrill and excitement to your relationship/marriage when it’s regular but couples take this for granted a lot of the times and it could make their love turn sour”.

”These six mistakes are mistakes that can make any sweet relationship turn sour, and these are mistakes one often get to see in relationships and marriages”.

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