4 Foolproof Tips For Lasting Longer In The Bedroom (18+)

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Lasting Longer In The Bedroom: Men usually attach a lot of their worth to their sexual prowess. As a guy, you might feel more confident in yourself if you know you are pleasing your woman and this cannot happen if you can only penetrate her for a couple of seconds and blow your load. Of course, you do not need to last hours as this would just bore her, but hanging in there long enough for her to be pleasured and have a good time too will be great.

Lasting Longer In The Bedroom

If you are interested in lasting longer in bed, follow these trips.

Choose the right position

Most guys soon realise that some positions feel better and stimulate them more intensely than others. You should avoid sex positions that are likely to over-excite you. Skip doggie style and missionary if you are hoping to hang in there longer. Go for moves where she is the one in control such as woman-on-top or you can sit and have her straddle you. Letting her focus on herself and control the movement might help make pleasure you feel less acute.


A lot of men will swear by this tip. As a guy, you would notice that after the first round of sex, you are more likely to hang on longer the next time around. But since this is all about pleasing the woman the first chance you get, you might need to find another way to let go of that first-time excitement. If you get the chance, you can masturbate before you be with her. That way, you can simply relax and enjoy the moment. You will find that you will be able to last longer.

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Control your thoughts

Sex is as much mental as it is physical so it is not surprising to find yourself being overtaken with erotic mental images during sex. But, to last longer in bed, you need to rein in those thoughts. When you feel yourself getting over-excited, calm your progress with a few mundane thoughts until you feel in control again. Do this over and over until you are ready to let go.

Take breaks

Just because you are penetrating her does not mean you have to continue that way until the end. There is no harm in withdrawing from her for a few seconds if you feel you are losing control. This does not mean leaving your woman high and dry, though. You can use this time to perform oral sex on her or use your hand to please her. The spontaneity will also help her enjoy you even more as it will keep her on her toes while letting you gain control.

Get rid of nerves

Being nervous and insecure never serves anyone in the bedroom. In fact, worrying about how long you would last makes it less likely that you would last long. Sex is not supposed to be an examination. It should be fun. So, relax and get in the moment. If you focus on pleasing her, you might find that she has a good time regardless of how long you last.

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