3 Fashion Styles That Never Go Out Of Trend

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We all know fashion evolves and over the years, we have seen different styles and trends rock the fashion world. What was regarded as ‘outdated’ yesterday is today regarded as ‘the in thing’.3 Fashion Styles

As a fashion person, one important lesson you must imbibe is to never discard any of your accessories or clothing (unless, of course, they’re bad and worn-out) which is why we will be looking at Retro fashion. You know, those Styles and trends that we saw back in the days that are trendy again, those styles that never seems to go out of trend before they bounce back better again.  From denims to hair styles, and of course, some good old skirt. Some of them, you may already be familiar with, and some, you’re not.

RIPPED JEANS: “The ripped BF jeans date as far back as the 60s and 70s; back then, it wasn’t really mainstream fashion, and was easily associated with drugs and s3x (you know, the ‘crazy lifestyle’), fast- forward to the 90s, and you have ripped jeans rocking mainstream fashion, they have gradually crept back into mainstream fashion; if you don’t have one, you should and one good thing about ripped denims is that they give you a casual, but yet, sophisticated look; you can pair them with anything, including a shirt, jacket or a Tee”.

FRINGES (HAIR STYLE): “The Fringe hair style is not new, it’s been there from way back, and just like every other fashion trend, it has evolved and grown better overtime; about 6 years ago, fringes or bangs was very popular and was a top choice among women till the Brazilians weaves and Human Hair entered the frame but to underline their indispensability, today, fringes are making their way back into the world of hair fashion, fringes can fit into any type of head; big or small,and another added advantage to the hair style is that they don’t take forever to make and they come in a variety of colours too, so white or black, there is something for everyone”.

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THE MAXI SKIRT: “Like the name ‘maxi’ implies, they’re long skirts; just the direct opposite of the mini, maxi skirts go as far back as the 1900s, way before miniskirts came up and miniskirts are a product of maxis, back then, skirts were deemed ‘very long’, so people started cutting them short to what would become minis and the only reason most women would rather wear a mini over a max skirt is because they’re very long, and cover up the legs from public view but if you think about it, Maxi skirts have their own advantage and if paired with the right top, and carried nicely, they can give you sophistication and class”.

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