10 Signs He Does Not Love You

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10 Signs

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Does he really love me? Although it is an uncomfortable question, and it is difficult to generalize, there are some basic indicators of lack of love. Some of the most common signs of lack of love from your partner are:

No interest for you: He does not ask you about your plans for your day, your friends, and when you try to talk about personal issues, he changes the subject or shows himself bored or irritated. If he does not know you or cares about know, how is he going to love you?

He is not available for you: No one is more important than his mother though it is not a bad thing but he is always inaccessible when it comes to you and always unable to have a committed relationship 100%.

Does not support your personal growth: The person who loves you, wants you to grow as a person, man or woman, as a professional, in short, as a human being and wants you to be always better.

Hurts your dignity: By being unfaithful, putting you in ridiculous, disrespecting you and not giving you your place, insulting you, curtailing your freedom or any other case where your value as a person, your freedom, and your independence would be threatened.

He mistreats you: The end is physical abuse, but far more common is that he screams at you, be cruel to you, does not take into account if he hurts your feelings or makes you feel bad if he threatens you to leave you at the first complaint or any other scenario in which you feel that your physical, emotional or psychological integrity are at risk.

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Does not take into account your opinion: He manages the relationship as if your opinion does not count. He decides when you go out, when you speak or when you have s3x, you feel that your wishes are not taken into account when making decisions as a couple.

His family or friends do not respect you: He is in charge of giving you your place in his world, if his family or friends perceive that you’re not special in his life, they’re not going to give you the respect you deserve. It is a sign that they know something you do not know.

He just wants intimacy: He just looks for you to have s3x or for some form of s3xual activity so that you end up with the feeling of being used.

There is no congruence between the love he says has you and the love you feel he expresses you; words are cheap. It is easy to say “I love you” but it takes an effort to express love. If he says he loves you, but you do not feel completely loved, tell him. If he gives you back just words, believe more in his actions.

He seems to have a life that you’re not part: Sometimes disappears, does not answer the phone and you don’t know where he is, there are friends he doesn’t introduce you to, some places he does not want to take you, or any other scenario in which his life is compartmentalized and you only know and are part of some spaces.

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Finally, it is a matter of common sense to evaluate your partner and your relationship and if you think that your partner does not love you really, it is very likely that really he does not love you because women instinct do not fail: if you smell heartbreak, seems heartbreak and tastes heartbreak … it is heartbreak so accept it, deal with the harsh truth and move on.

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