10 Qualities Of Men That Melt Women Down

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What attracts a woman? Your physical appearance? The way you speak? Where you work? Perhaps, but overall it is how you treat the person and how to face life, which largely calls their attention. Compiled in this article is a list of 10 traits of men that meltdown women’s hearts.

10 Qualities Of Men That Melt Women Down

Smart: Women like intelligent men, educated and thoughtful but that does not mean to be egocentric because they detest Smarties that monopolize conversations. What they like is you to know how to generate a dialogue and listen.

Gaze, smile, and hands: According to the expert, women are not crazy about metrosexuals, that is, do not go in search of a perfect physique. What “melts” them, is a nice smile, a penetrating gaze, and large manicured hands.

Responsible: Women love men who face problems with a cool head, without thereby being aggressive or rude, they do not look for someone to solve their life, but someone to count on.

Powerful: Although it is politically incorrect, women always have felt attracted to men with power and it is not necessarily money that attracts them but men to be competent in their profession is enough for them.

With a sense of humour: Women love men who can take life lightly, laugh at themselves and find the comic side to different situations. They do not prefer a clown all the time, but that can overcome the complications of life without much drama.

 Enjoy life: If you are too workaholic, then worry because women do not like someone like that, as they also want a partner to go out and have fun and enjoy the moments with intensity.

Balanced: Men that know how to express their masculinity, as well as femininity, women, love the masculine: power, strength, security, decision but still like them even more if it alternates with the feminine: understanding, tenderness, ability to feel and express emotions, etc.

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Empathy: It was said before, a man who knows how to listen, it is a plus that women love. One who succeeds in creating an emotional bond and empathy has gained ground.

Guards: That knows how to make her feel safe and appreciated with a gesture, with the way he treats her and takes her into account. Men who keep their word and convey confidence because what they say and do is consistent, not who say things that will not happen.

Sexy: Men who know how to seduce “are irresistible; those who squander tenderness, sensuality, eroticism, who can make them feel beautiful and special with a look of desire, with a gesture of kindness, with a surprise”, are charming. Not so the boastful and narcissistic.

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